August 09, 2022
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    The COVID-19 Health and Social Security Fund has allocated Rs. 36,605,812.00 to the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medical Services to carry out essential PCR tests.

    A group of health officials representing the Ministry of Health accompanied by the Deputy Director General Dr. Laxman Gamlath visited the Parliament premises July (22) to instruct on the measures to be taken complying with health guidelines prior to Parliament sittings post general elections.

    The last 03 naval personnel who had contracted COVID-19 and underwent treatment in hospital, were discharged from the Iranawila Hospital after gaining full recovery from the virus, confirmed by PCR tests, on 20th July 2020. As such, the naval COVID -19 cluster which included 906 naval personnel snuffed out, after months of trying time for naval personnel.


    Total Coronavirus recoveries increase to 1,885.

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