December 04, 2021
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    Army Officer's ExpeditionProduces ‘Vavuniyawe Pura Vidya Urumaya’

    December 22, 2018

    The latest academic research, 'Vavuniyawe Pura Vidya Urumaya' (Archaeological Heritage of Vavuniya) book, authored by Major Sarath Jayawardena of the Sri Lanka National Guard (SLNG) Regiment was released to the public on Monday (17) during a simple ceremony, held at the SLNG Regimental Headquarters in Weherawatta, Kurunegala.

    The comprehensive analytical research study that speaks of a wide variety of archaeological sites and their historic value with special focus on continental concerns has identified hundreds of places of historical importance across the Vanni region that had existed since time immemorial, but most of which remain to-date either unexplored or partly/completely vandalized with the onset of battles that raged in the past 35 years as a result of LTTE terror campaign.

    This Sinhala language book which elaborates on various excavations, recovery of ancient ruins, availability of archaeological evidence, locations with stone scriptures, places of worship, ancient utility services, conservation practices, etc is an ideal academic product that could go into all libraries and be used by everyone as a manual. It could also be used for scholars and undergraduates as a well-documented reference book for identical studies.

    The maiden copies during the launching ceremony were presented to the Puravidya Chakravarthi, Ven Ellawala Medhananda Thero, Major General Nishshanka Ranawana, Director General General Branch of the Army and Colonel of the Regiment SLNG, Prof Chandana Rohana Withanachchi, Dean Faculty of Social Science, Department of Archaeology and Heritage Management at Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Dr. P Vidanapathirana, Senior Lecturer Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR) and several scholars on Archaeology who were present during the launching ceremony.

    The author who claims that he undertook own inspection expeditions to all those archaeological places, many of which need to be further explored as described in the book argues that it was 'Wevunimapura' that later came to be called as 'Vavuniya', as documented by the British national, J. E Lewies in his book, ' A Manual of the Vanni District' way back in the year 1895.

    Major Sarath Jayawardana in his work discusses life patterns, economic structures, cultural entities, heritage and identity of those who had been living in the region many a hundred year ago and stresses the need for conservation, exhibition, research and excavation of those ancient sites and monuments on an urgent and prioritized basis. Major Sarath Jayawardana has obtained his Masters in Heritage Studies from University of Kelaniya in 2008 after he received Bachelor of Arts degree in 1995 from the University of Peradeniya.


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