November 30, 2020
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    Navy grants one million as death compensation

    October 04, 2015

    The Sri Lanka Navy granted one million rupees as death compensation to the father of the late Ordinary Seaman PGS Pushpakumara, who had died under tragic circumstances.

    The cheque, provided under the Navy's healthcare scheme, "Naviru Saviya," was handed over at the residence of the late Ordinary Seaman at No. 292, Track 6, Diggalpura, Medirigiriya, recently. Last respects were also paid, conveying the condolences of the entire Navy to his family members.


    "Naviru Saviya" is a health care scheme, which operates as a non-public fund under the direct supervision of the Commander of the Navy. It provides financial assistance to its members and their families during death, critical illness, permanent and partial disability, general illness, surgery and medical tests.

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