September 27, 2022
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    Nagadeepa temple's Katina Pinkama held with Navy Assistance

    November 05, 2015

    The annual Katina Pinkama of the Nagadeepa Purana Raja Maha Viharaya was conducted successfully under the patronage of the Northern Naval Command of the Sri Lanka Navy on 3rd and 4th of November 2015.

    The Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne, also attended the religious event, which took place under the guidance of the Chief Incumbent, Most Venerable Navadagala Padumakitti Tissa Nayake Thera.


    At the invitation of the Chief Incumbent Thera, the Commander of the Navy planted a bo sapling in the temple premises marking the commencement of the religious activities.  The “Katina Cheevaraya”, the robe offered to the resident monks on conclusion of their rain retreat, was taken to the temple in a colourful procession organized by the Navy and the Katina Pinkama concluded on the following day with an all night pirith chanting and the robe-offering ceremony followed by an alms giving to 100 Buddhist monks. The Chief Incumbent of the Nagadeepa Purana Raja Maha Viharaya invoked blessings on the Navy for the meritorious act organized for the 57th consecutive year.


    The Commander of the Navy also took part in the pinnacle unveiling ceremony of the Nagadeepa Tripitaka Maha Seya, in which a gem-studded relic casket and a throne along with the bronze plates inscribed with Tripitaka were deposited to coincide with the annual Katina Pinkama.


    The Commander of the Navy also declared open the Perahera Mawatha, the road constructed in memory of the founder of the Nagadeepa Raja Maha Viharaya, Most Venerable Brahammanawatte Dhammakitti Thera, facilitating the pilgrims to visit the Budhdha Walawa Raja Maha Viharaya where the Tripitaka Maha Seya has been built. The foundation stone was also laid for a 32-cubit Buddha statue, which will be constructed in the sacred premises depicting the Abhaya mudra. A Sangawasa constructed by the Navy was also vested in the Maha Sangha by the Commander Northern Naval Area, Rear Admiral Piyal De Silva for the use of the monks residing at the temple, the venue where the Lord Buddha is said to have made His mid-day rest during His second visit to Sri Lanka.

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