July 07, 2022
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    Classified garbage collection program begins tomorrow

    October 31, 2016

    Inauguration of the classified garbage collection program will be held tomorrow morning at the President’s House under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena and in the evening at the temple trees under the patronage of Minster of Law, Order, and Southern Development Sagala Rathnayake.

    Under the program implemented according to a concept of the Minister of Provincial Council and Local Government Faizer Mustapha, all Municipal Councils have decided to collect only the properly classified garbage as degradable and non degradable. Accordingly, it has been decided not to collect the unclassified garbage from tomorrow.


    Minister Mustapha has taken steps to inform all the Cabinet Ministers regarding the program while all the police stations were informed by the Secretary to the Ministry of Law, Order, and Southern Development. Progress reviewing will also be held once a month.


    Police have been instructed to take legal action against those who violate the proper process of garbage disposal from 1st November with the support of the tri forces. Meanwhile, the public is requested to complain regarding offenders to the Police by calling 119 or 011 - 2 58 71 24, 011- 2 59 31 11 the Police Environmental Division.


    Ministry of Provincial Council and Local Government through the program expects to reduce the amount of garbage collected from urban areas by 50 – 60 percent.

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