December 11, 2019
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    Government keen to lift public tax burden while accumulating revenue- Finance Minister Featured

    December 09, 2016

    Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake engaged in a sudden inspection tour of the Inland Revenue Department’s head office yesterday (8th Dec.). The minister looked into the operations and the shortcomings of the Department which is one of the major entities that collects revenue for the government coffers.

    Minister Karunanayake visited several sections of the department and inquired from the workers about their career difficulties. Facilities for new technology which are currently available inside the head office of the Inland Revenue building and, availability of opportunities for the workers to use them were especially discussed by the minister during his visit.

    The minister pointed out the necessity to widen the hotline center of the department for the customers to call the department on direct telephone number 1944. He also said that certain factions are scared of the Inland Revenue Department and, such unfounded fears should be eliminated from their minds. During the discussion with the top officials of the department, the minister said that steps will be taken to identify tax evaders through a proper mechanism.

    Minister Karunanayake addressing the media said that their sole aim was to relieve the public from the tax burden. “To achieve such targets, we should strengthen the government bodies such as Inland Revenue department which are collecting revenue for the government. Therefore, constant surveillance should be carried out on such institutions”, he added.

    “We all know what had been done to this country by the previous regime which ruled for several years. The annual loss of Hambantota Port itself is Rs.37, 000 million. We are compelled to repay such huge loans with the income generated by Colombo Port. In the meantime, certain people question us the way we are gradually correcting their economic blunders. We should tell openly that we are not going to put any of these encumbrances on the shoulders of the people”, the minister said.

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