February 24, 2020
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    People’s friendly Budget 2017 passed with 2/3 majority in parliament- Finance Minister

    December 14, 2016

    The 3rd reading of Budget 2017 was passed with 2/3 majority at the vote taking in parliament and, such victory demonstrates its people’s friendly qualities thereby giving a strong certification that it would push the country forward, Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake says. The minister was speaking to his party supporters who gathered in front of his residence in Battaramulla to welcome him on December 10 after the vote taking of the 3rd reading of Budget 2017.

    Minister Karunanayake paid tribute to the President, The Prime Minister, the Cabinet, MPs and the general public who stood by him since Budget 2017 was presented to parliament. He also requested all factions of the society irrespective of party politics to rally round this government and help to build a new country with a new vision.

    Finance Minister Karunanayake further said that certain trivial political groups created various objections to the new economic and social vision introduced to the country by Budget 2017. However, this government of good governance successfully faced the challenges posed by such petty groups and was able to defeat their agendas. The minister emphasized that the passing of Budget 2017 with 2/3 majority in the vote taking of the 3rd reading of the budget has endorsed the strength of the good governance again.

    At the same time, this victory of the good governance is a grave blow and a downfall on a minority,who canvassed on behalf of extremism and racism, Minister Karunanayake added.

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