July 23, 2019
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    US Navy Ship ‘Fall River’ departs from Hambantota

    March 20, 2017

    US Navy Ship ‘Fall River’ belonging to the US Pacific Command arrived at the Port of Hambantota on 07th March with partner military and non-government personnel from the United States, Australia, and Japan, onboard.

    Accordingly, they inaugurated the 12th assignment of Pacific Partnership in Hambantota in a bid to further enhance regional partnerships among member states.


    During the last two weeks in Hambantota, the Pacific Partnership personnel worked side-by-side with Sri Lanka Navy and a number of local professionals; taking part in civil engineering projects, conducting Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief readiness drills and partnering in community engagements.


    On completion of these procession of social responsibility and community development projects conducted centered in the Southern Province, USNS ‘Fall River’ was again boarded by the mission personnel from the Pacific Partnership and the ship set sail for her next ports of call in Malaysia and Vietnam on Saturday.

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