August 08, 2022
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    US – Sri Lanka Marine personnel conduct joint training exercises

    March 30, 2017

    Marines of US Naval Ship USS ‘Comstock’, which arrived at the Port of Colombo on 27th March engaged in several joint training exercises with the SLN Marines and medical personnel on Tuesday (28th Mach).

    Marine personnel from both countries started the day engaging in morning physical exercises. Subsequently, the US Marines made a brief introduction to the craft and vehicles boarded on USS ‘Comstock’ for mission purposes. An awareness program on ‘unarmed combat’ was also conducted on this occasion.


     Moreover, the SLN Marines were imparted comprehensive knowledge on weapon handling and weapon drills by their US counterparts. They were also given further insight into the combat movement techniques during this program. The training program was attended by 05 officers and 146 sailors belonging to the SLN Marine Battalion.


    In parallel with these activities, the medical personnel attached to the US Marine Corps carried out an awareness program as to how the people who sustain injuries are treated. The program was conducted at the Naval Hospital, Colombo and it was participated by 25 medical personnel of the Sri Lanka Navy.


    Apart from the joint training and subject matter expert exchange program, the US Marine personnel also involved in a couple of community service programs in Colombo area. As part of this initiative, they carried out cleaning work and color washing at the school for the deaf in Golumadama, Rathmalana.

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