December 03, 2022
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    Secretary to the President holds meeting on Dengue Prevention

    July 19, 2017

    Secretary to the President, Austin Fernando held a special meeting with the Operation Committee on Dengue Prevention today (19th July) at the Presidential Secretariat.

    Heads of the Institutions of health sector joined this meeting.


    As the 30 percent of dengue patients are school children, the Committee suggested handing over the responsibility of making the school premises free from dengue mosquitoes to the Principals of the schools. Accordingly, all Principals of the island will be educated on this regard through the Secretary to the Education Ministry.


    It was also discussed about the importance of giving priority to the districts, recognized as the critical areas of dengue. It was emphasized that there will be an issue in controlling the spread of dengue due to current weather conditions and also the possibility of rain within next few months. Accordingly it was decided to take immediate actions to solve this problem.


    Attention was also paid towards getting active contribution of the government officers and the people for the dengue prevention projects carried out by the Tri Forces. They discussed about the ways to strengthen the current dengue control projects.


    During the discussion the officials paid attention on getting assistance from the networks of mobile phones and information communication institutes to inform about critical areas of dengue and educate the public on controlling of dengue.

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