December 06, 2022
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    Rules and Regulations for drone cameras

    July 20, 2017

    The Civil Aviation Authority will introduce standards and regulations for using drone cameras in video filming, said Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Nimal Siripala De Silva.

    He made these comments at a workshop held to discuss the introduction of a set of rules in operating drone cameras.


    At present drone cameras are operated haphazardly, but in the future in addition to getting the  registration and permission from the Civil Aviation Authority, permission will have to be obtained from the Defense Ministry, Cultural, Archeological, Irrigation, and Energy Authority and the police station of the area.


    Persons who are operating drones as a hobby or for education purposes which are less than 200 grams in weight and not fitted with cameras or other filming devices can be used in own garden  and can be flown at a height of less than 150 feet without the permission or the registration.


    Drones which have the recording facilities and weighing more than 200grams as well as the operators should be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority.


    According to the minister, those rules and regulations are expected to be presented in the Parliament and passed as an Act.


    The minister said that educating the operators of Drones is as important as introducing rules and regulations. He said drones can be a cause for plane accidents and operating drones without permission is a threat to the national security.  


    He said that in the future more people will use drone cameras and it will help during a natural disaster situation to get updates from places which are not reachable.


    He further said that some people are misusing drone cameras to obtain personal information and operators of drones should refrain from it as there are many complaints in this regard.

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