November 15, 2019
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    National Standards for compost

    July 21, 2017

    Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) has released two draft national standards prepared by a Technical Committee for compost, manufactured using municipal solid waste and agricultural residues for the discussion.

    These draft standards cover the physical, chemical, and biological requirements for compost produced using municipal solid waste and agricultural residues. In addition, requirements for packaging of compost, information to be provided with the products, method of sampling and tests are also prescribed.


    These standards would serve as a guideline for manufacturers of compost and also would help to identify products of correct quality to the users in the future.


    These standards can be obtained free of charge from the SLSI and public comments will be accepted until 15th August. The Technical Committee will review all the comments received and appropriate modifications would be done in the draft standards before publishing as national standards.

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