January 29, 2023
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    Equal pay will encourage more women to work – WB

    November 16, 2017

    A recent World Bank report titled “Getting to Work: Unlocking Women’s Potential in Sri Lanka’s Labor Force” has found that removing barriers to women’s paid work will encourage more Sri Lankan women to participate in the workforce.

    The report further notes that, despite steady economic growth, the number of women participating in Sri Lanka’s workforce has declined to 36% in 2016, from 41% in 2010.

    Safe childcare and transportation, early orientation to career development to better prepare girls to enter and remain in the workforce and implementing gender equal labour laws and practices are among recommendations of the report.

    Getting to work, points to three factors that impede women’s participation in paid workforce.

    Firstly, marriage, childbearing and related household chores that fall disproportionately on women deter their participation in labour markets. Secondly, women are not entering educational fields or acquiring the skills that are sought by employers, particularly in the private sector.
    Thirdly, gender discrimination in job search, hiring and promotion keeps women from obtaining high-skill and management jobs, where men continue to dominate.

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