March 22, 2019

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    Raids on errant traders to continue

    April 16, 2018

    Ministry of Health has taken measures to extend inspections and raids on errant traders selling food items not suitable for consumption for the forthcoming Wesak festive season. The Ministry of Health earlier this month launched the raids to arrest traders selling food items not suitable for consumption during the New Year festive season and the program will be extended until the end of this month ahead of the upcoming Vesak festival.

    The raids are aimed to inspect the quality and ensure security of foods issued to the market for public consumption and customer protection. According to the Ministry the information on the ingredients of a food item, the date of manufacture, the expiry date, the price and weight should be indicated on the package of a particular food item.

    The information should be displayed on the package before they are marked for sale and it is also the consumer's responsibility to check the package information before purchasing, the Ministry points out.During the past few days, food raids were carried out in many areas of the island and legal actions have been taken on the establishments that sell foods unfit for consumption.

    Health inspectors also took measures during the raids to destroy the expired food items.


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