December 08, 2019
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    Government guarantees independent public service’

    August 22, 2018

    Justice and Prison Reforms Minister said the government has guaranteed the independent public service. She said the public servants have an obligation to serve the nation. People who received free education and earned wealth protest when they were asked to pay taxes to provide services to people, Minister Thalatha Atukorale said.

    She was addressing the gathering after inaugurating the second phase of a housing scheme at Kapokwatta, Imbulpe, Balangoda. She said an organization of government doctors earn immensely by private practice after their official hours and stand against these moves.She said that when the this government came into power on January 8, 2015, the debt of the country was over 10,000 billion.

    “The government does not fear strikes,” Minister Atukorale said. “We do not take weapons against the public servants,” she said. The Minister said the government accumulates its expenditure by way of tax and loans. She said these projects were initiated and completed with the government funds.

    “Tax was once imposed on sugar and rice of the poor people,” Minister Atukorale said.“But those who climbed up with free education, protest when the government urged them to pay taxes. That is not fair,” she said.

    She said some ask what the government had done. She said the government has done more service to the people during these three years than last regime did. “The government had not wasted public money,” Minister Atukorale said.“This is not an era that robs public funds. Nobody has right to do so,” she said.

    She said the government as they pledged has guaranteed the freedom, right to expression, and independent judiciary among others. “Whatever journalists say, not a single media personnel was killed during our time,” Minister Atukorale said.

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