December 10, 2019
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    'Enterprise Sri Lanka' loans to 283 entrepreneurs in Polonnaruwa

    August 26, 2018

     Under the 'Enterprise Sri Lanka' Program operated by the Ministry of Finance and Mass Media, loans were granted to 283 entrepreneurs in Polonnaruwa. The Regional Development Bank (RDB), Polonnaruwa has distributed Rs. 32.4 million to the applicants under several loan schemes of the 'Enterprise Sri Lanka' program.

    The Government introduced the Enterprise Sri Lanka program in the 2018 budget to help rebuild the island as an entrepreneurial paradise using the entrepreneurial skills of Sri Lankans.

    The Enterprise Sri Lanka scheme offers attractive concessionary financing to stimulate investment and expansion by entrepreneurs, SMEs, and even large business.The program consists of 16 schemes including 11 interest subsidy loan schemes, 3 refinance loan schemes based on foreign aid and two programs for financial and non-financial assistance

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