September 25, 2021
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    Defense Ministry holds a Special "Pola"

    August 28, 2018

    "Viru Detata Atha Mita Saru", a special one-day 'Pola' (Trade fair) organized by the State Ministry of Defence was held at the Ministry, today (27). The fair was held under the agricultural self- employment project for retired service personnel mooted by the State Ministry.

    The 'Pola' offered agricultural produce including vegetables, fruits, indigenous rice, flour and pulses, bees honey, horticultural products and farming tools produced by retired service personnel at affordable prices. The opening ceremony was attended by the Additional Secretary- Parliamentary affairs, Policy & Planning, Mr. RPR Rajapaksa, senior tri forces and Ministry officials.

    The agricultural self- employment project for retired service personnel, implemented by the State Ministry of Defence, serves many purposes including providing an additional source of income to supplement the retirement benefits of service veterans and also retain their expertise to fill national manpower demands. They also contribute towards national development.

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