December 14, 2019
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    Unite to achieve Country’s noble goals - President

    January 01, 2019

    President Maithripala Sirisena requested the support of all people for anti-corruption programmes being carried out in the country extensively.The President, in a special message, observed that ‘2019’ is a year against corruption adding that a large-scale national programme has been implemented to fight against corruption. He noted that corruption has become the bane of the country’s development.

    “I invite you all to unite in brotherhood to achieve the noble goals of the motherland. We need to understand our responsibilities and duties as well as the challenges before us when dealing with contemporary political and socio-economic problems,” the President said.

    The President also underlined the need to work towards accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals. “I request all of your support and participation to successfully implement the national programme for sustainable development to alleviate the poverty, to create a prosperous economy and to protect the environment,” he added.

    he President expressed his keen interest in carrying forward “Gramashakthi National Movement” meant for poverty alleviation and “Protect Children” national programme meant for building a physically and mentally strong and healthy future generation.

    “We should react to hatred with love and kindness and to inhumanity with humanity. We should confront pessimism with optimism, indiscipline with discipline and social injustice with social justice. We should endure both praise and insult during our work,” the President added in his message.

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