November 30, 2020
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    Independence Day Messages Featured

    February 03, 2019

    Future needs people with spirits invigorated by national customs: President

    Having gained independence from imperialist rulers, as a nation, we expected a political, socio-economic and cultural forward march, with a unique national identity free of colonial shackles. To entrust the future of the nation to minds enslaved by imperialism for more than a century, is more dangerous than being under colonial rule itself.

    Hence, for future progress, we need people with spirits invigorated by national customs, values and culture.  We could accomplish colossal tasks, similar to those gigantic achievements of other great civilisations of the world in the past, by being independent. We are a people who established our own national identity from the beginning. Therefore, on this auspicious occasion, I would like to emphasise that the time has come to build the economy of our country on the foundation of agriculture.

    The common enemies of the progress of national revival are poverty and corruption. We must resolve to eradicate these evils completely.

    All those patriots who sacrificed their lives for the sake of independence of the nation, since the colonial era, are commemorated on this occasion, with honour and dignity. All the servicemen and women dedicated to safeguard the freedom and independence of the nation today, are also remembered with gratitude.

    It is my wish, on this important occasion, that all political parties, together with all of us, will be able to march forward with courage and peace towards accomplishing the ultimate goals of independence.

    Independence’ is a state of coexistence: PM

    Celebrating ‘Independence’ does not necessarily mean that it has been entirely achieved to the true sense of the word. ‘Independence’ is fully realised only when all human beings in a nation achieve a state of environmental, economic, political, social and spiritual coexistence. This demands an organised programme and collective sacrifice.

    While celebrating our country’s liberation from long years of foreign rule, ‘Independence Day’ is the ideal opportunity to inspire public discourse and social activism for a more broadbased ‘National Independence’ that transcends ethnic and religious biases.Since being propelled into power by the people, the ‘Yahapalana’ government has overcome countless challenges and obstacles to establish a refreshingly new social and political culture, while taking significant steps to strengthen democracy. We are savouring the positive results of these collective efforts, as this transformed society has already proven its resolve to defeat anti-democratic, extremist forces.

    On our 71st National Day, I invite each and every one of you to join me in building a robust economy, stable government and a prosperous nation, so that all our citizens can enjoy the true freedom of living in a socially and politically developed society.

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