May 18, 2022
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    Court allows to detain two NTJ activists for Three months

    May 03, 2019

    Two persons who were arrested for possession of compact discs containing Islamic extremist ideology, were ordered to be detained and questioned for a period of three months(90day) by Colombo Acting Magistrate. The suspects said to be NTJ members were identified as Mohamed Ismail Hameel Rahid and Mohamed Ali Aar Mohamed Niyas, residents of Kaththankudi.

    Kotahena police informed the court that the first suspect Mohomed Ismail had been owned a garment business for a period of 14years. Police also stated that there is another person who had worked on the first suspect's garment. Police also said that individual had stayed with the first suspect a house in Kotahena.

    Police further stated that they had seized those mobile phones, laptops from the same individual’s room. According to the statements given by suspects, they had revealed that individual had gone abroad. Kotahena Police informed court that they had seized 12 mobile phones, a laptop and two compact discs during the arrest.

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