May 18, 2022
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    Zahran’s wife bought clothing sets from Giriulla

    May 04, 2019

    The suicide bomber Zahran’s wife Abdul Cader Fathima and Katuwapitiya Church suicide bomber Mohomaddu Hasthun’s wife Pulasthini Rajendran alias Sara had bought nine sets of white clothing, nine blouses, skirts and undergarments from a shop in Giriulla on April 19.This was disclosed by Zahran’s wife Fathima on being questioned by investigators at the Ampara Hospital, where she is being treated. She had told that she bought nine sets of white clothing to be used by them as required. “Sara told me that I would need them in the future, and will come to know why the clothes, garments and other accessories were purchased for,” Fathima had told police during interrogations.

    She said only Sara knew what the white clothing was for. However, Sara was among those killed in the explosion at the house in Sainthamarthu, Kalmunai on April 26. Fathima had said, although her husband Zahran had told her that he would die for his religion, she never knew it would come from a suicide attack She said she had seen her husband for the last time on April 19 while she was on her way back to Sammanthurai, the very same day they bought white clothing. “Zahran gave me a bag containing money on that day,” she said, “I was not aware how much money was in the bag.

    I said that the van charges to Sammanthurai and Rs. 29,000 for clothing were all paid with the cash in the bag.”Police found Rs. 900,000 of that cash-money from the house that the explosion occurred. Fathima said she stayed in several houses in Wattala, Colpettty, Mount Lavinia, Panadura and Katana.

    She had lived in a rented house in Ninthavur from April 20 to 26. She had left that house on April 26 out of fear that the police will search it after the police had found explosives from the house in Samanthurai. “We left the house in a van with Zahran’s two brothers, sister, her husband, parents and children from Ninthavur to Sainthamaruthu, Kalmunai and the explosion occurred after a short while after we had arrived there,” she said.



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