January 22, 2020
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    Muslim Civil Society Condemn Terrorist Attacks & Express Solidarity

    May 05, 2019

    A joint federation of several Muslim organizations, Sri Lanka Muslim Civil Society (SLMCS), together with a representative gathering of Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu and Islamic clergy, Security Force chiefs, Officers and leading civil activists, Saturday (4) morning staged a three-hour long 'Solidarity Peace Vigil' at Independence Square, Colombo 7 and vehemently condemned unequivocally the brutal, barbaric acts of killing and injuring innocent people, engaged in Easter Sunday prayers and vowed to join hands with the Security Forces and other governmental authorities to bring back the peaceful co-existence of all communities and the status quo.

    Expressing solidarity with all bereaved families and injured people, Muslim Moulavis, Muslim Civil Activists in the SLMCS publicly condemned the brutal slaying of innocent people by disgruntled members of a misguided group and pronounced that no religion has preached these types of killings to reach spiritual attainments whatsoever. Buddhist monks, Christian and Catholic priests, Hindu priests, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim civil activists spoke high of the restraint being displayed by all Sri Lankans without resorting to more bloodbaths and violence at this critical phase of the land's history and the tireless contribution of all members of the Armed Forces and the Police. The occasion, themed on 'Humanity Beyond Religion' was addressed by Ven Madampagama Assaji Thero, Dr A. T Ariyaratne of 'Sarvodaya', Hindu Kurukkal and leading Moulawis and Muslim leaders, attached to the SLMCS and Mosques

    Hundreds of attendees in the day's arrangement, 'Rise up for Solidarity Peace Vigil', including the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake afterwards lit candles, observed silence and placed white roses on the ground in memory of all victims and invoked blessings on all the injured for speedy recovery. Placard holding activists, including Muslim women underlined the importance of being together for the best of the Nation and the country's forward-march as united Sri Lankans and many of those claimed, ' Terrorism Has No Religion', 'Family of One Nation', 'Together We are Sri Lankans', 'Rise, Resist, United' slogans, etc.

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