January 22, 2020
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    May 06, 2019

    The Security Forces and Police carried out search operations in all schools yesterday, before they open today for the first time after the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks. Extensive security measures have been taken by the Police and Security Forces to ensure the safety of school children as the second term of government schools for Grade six and above commences today (06). The second school term was to commence on April 22 following the New Year holidays, when the Easter Sunday terror attack shook the country on Sunday, April 21.

    The government closed down the schools immediately considering the security situation in the country. As a part of special security measures taken to ensure the safety of schools, the Sri Lanka Police in a joint operation with the Sri Lanka Army, Navy, Air Force and the Special Task Force yesterday launched a special search operation concentrating on all schools within the Colombo zone.

    Accordingly, 375 groups with 10 security personnel each along with sniffer dogs and other equipment used to identify explosives were deployed to all schools situated in the Colombo 1-15 Education Zone. Colombo Range DIG Lalith Pathinayake told the Daily News that Primary Schools will also be subject to stringent security checks before they commence classes on May 13.

    “However, all the Primary Sections in other schools were thoroughly examined during this search operation,” he further said.Meanwhile, the Army Media saidhat they have deployed 7,000 soldiers to conduct search operations at schools around the country. “Accordingly, the Army together with the Police, have conducted extensive search operations at schools during the last couple of days before handing them over to school authorities,” the media unit also said.

    In addition to the search operations, the Army has also conducted awareness programmes for school teachers, parents and school prefects on handling emergency situations and security alerts as well. The Army has also strengthened road blocks and security patrols closer to schools.

    Meanwhile, Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara at a recent press conference said that tight security measures will be in place at schools around the country as they commence for the second term today (06).Education Ministry Secretary N.M. Ranasinghe speaking to Daily News confirmed that the school term will commence as scheduled. “We have not been informed about any schedule changes,” he pointed out. Ranasinghe also said that they have not received information, as of yet, on any explosives or other such offensive items found within school premises during the island wide search operation conducted yesterday in a joint operation of the police and military forces.

    Meanwhile, Police has requested the public to refrain from parking vehicles in the vicinity of all schools from 1p.m today. The Police yesterday released a list of special parking slots arranged for vehicles that transport school students.


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