July 07, 2022
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    New multi-faceted drug prevention Mechanism Featured

    June 27, 2019

    Up keeping the intense of President Maithreepala sirisena to eradicate dangerous drugs men’s from Sri Lanka the government has taken steps to establish multi-faceted drug prevention Mechanism, the secretary to the president Udaya R. senevirathna disclosed this morning.

    Describing the activities of present drugs prevention week The secretary also said that introducing new amendments to the related laws , rehabilitation of person who addict to drugs, creation awareness among the target youth population on danger of illegal drugs and building of community rehabilitation program are some of the features of this mechanism.

    Holding a media conference at The Department of Government Information today (27) Mr. Senevirathna add that The Program of Drug prevention week has shown remarkable success in this year, including rehabilitation of 11,000 drug addicts.

    Describing the rehabilitation program The secretary says The program has develop to the new areas such as fields of construction, Industrial Estates and youths, obtaining support from the community organization including volunteers and members of Three-wheeler drivers organizations.

    Additional secretary to the President Rohana Abeyrathna, Director General of Government Information Nalaka Kaluwewa member of Advisory committee on drug prevention Dhanuja Mahesh, and Head of the Police Drugs Investigation Bureau T.C.A. Dhanapala also participated in this conference.




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