August 14, 2022
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    A mammoth support from Anuradhapura in response to President’s decision to punish drug traffickers

    July 28, 2019

    A large crowd from the Anuradhapura district came in support of President Maithripala Sirisena’s decision to implement the capital punishment against the drug traffickers who are destroying future generations of the nation.

    The Presidential Secretariat stall at the Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition held at Walisinghe Harischandra Stadium in Anuradhapura gathered public opinion on the death penalty on illegal drug traffickers through digital technology. The stall has received a mammoth response from the people who visited the exhibition.

    So far, ninety-five percent (95%) have expressed their opinion in favour of the death penalty against drug drug kingpins.

    Religious leaders, school children, university students as well as a large number of professionals and the general public visit the exhibition every day and eagerly participate in this event.

    Information on National Programs conducted by the Presidential Secretariat such as Grama Shakthi, Drug Prevention, Kidney Prevention, Food Production, Environmental Protection, Protect the Children, Let’s Stand for the Country, Smart Sri Lanka, Small Scale Development Program and Tell the President where you can directly convey your opinions to President is been provided at the venue of the exhibition.

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