January 25, 2020
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    Two drowning foreigners re scued by Navy Lifesavers

    August 13, 2019

    Two foreigners who were drowning in the seas off Thalalla in Dondra, were rescued by the lifesavers of the Navy’s Rapid Response Rescue and Relief (4RU) unit, on 12th August 2019. A group of foreigners who were on a trip had been bathing in the seas off Thalalla in Dondra and two men of them were washed off by a current. Navy’s 4RU team who had been deployed for the safety of devotees for the annual festival of Dondra temple, promptly rescued the drowning foreigners and brought them safely ashore. Rescued persons are Russians, aged 28 and 47. Sri Lanka Navy has deployed lifesavers for the safety of local and foreign tourists who come to see the natural beauty of the sea around the country and also the rivers and internal tanks. SL Navy is much concern about the life safety of the tourists.

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