November 28, 2022
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    Armed forces annual joint field exercise begins

    September 04, 2019

    The three-week long joint military exercise involving thousands of Sri Lankan armed forces personnel and representatives from foreign countries commenced on Tuesday, September 3, for the tenth consecutive year, the Army said.'Exercise - Cormorant Strike X-2019, the annual Field Training Exercise (FTX) organized by the Sri Lanka Army kicked off at the Minneriya Operational Headquarters yesterday with the participation of 2400 Army, 400 Sailors and 200 Airmen, including 80 plus foreign military participants and observers from 10 countries. The Exercise at ground level formally begins today (4).

    The participants through the execution of several special operation missions are expected to perform core tasks as specified and incorporated in the mock operations until the Exercise reaches its apex and subsequent culmination. Using special operational tactics, the 2400 Infantrymen, including largely the Commandos, Special Forces and Mechanized Infantry Regiment troops of the Army, 400 Sailors and 200 Airmen, together with those foreign military representatives and observers from Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Russia, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and Zambia are scheduled to join the mega Exercise during specific locations as directed by the Director, FTX, Major General Laksiri Waduge. The Field Training Exercise terminates with the 'Critical Engagement' on September 23 at Kuchchaveli, a day prior to the closing ceremony on the 24th.

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