November 15, 2019
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    Heavy rains in central hills

    September 29, 2019

    The Castlereagh and Maussakelle hydropower reservoirs were reaching spill level due to the heavy rain experienced in the catchment areas at present.Engineers in charge said the water level in the Maussakelle reservoirs stood at 2.7 feet below the spill level, that of the Castlereagh reservoir 1.9 feet below the spill level by this morning.

    Maussakelle reservoir with the capacity of 93,400 acre feet and the Castlereagh reservoir with 68,000 acre feet are the main reservoirs feeding Laxapana, New Laxapana, Polpitiya, Wimalasurendra, and Canyon hydropower complexes.
    Meanwhile, the Ingirinayagala Senanayake Samudra reservoir had swelled and its capacity had increased to 14,500 acre feet.Ampara Irrigation Engineer Amarajeewa Liyanage said during the drought the water level in the reservoir had dwindled to 12,500 acre feet, which was the lowest ever reported after the inception of the reservoir.
    He said the Irrigation Department had been compelled to reduce irrigation facilities for paddy cultivation. Engineer Liyanage said the water level in the reservoir now stood at 29,000 acre feet due to the heavy rain experienced in the last several days. However, he said the farmers were instructed to use rainwater as far as possible for paddy cultivation during the Maha season.

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