November 19, 2019
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    Japan grants USD 1.2 Ml for demining activities

    October 19, 2019

    The Japanese government has provided a grant of USD 1.2 million (Rs 219 million) for demining activities in the Northern Province.The Japanese Embassy had signed two agreements to this effect with The HALO Trust, and Skavita Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Project (SHARP), which are carrying out demining activities.

    The Japanese Embassy in a statement said that Japan has provided more than USD 35 million since 2003, to assist Sri Lanka in being mine-free by 2020.“In the last three years, the partnership between SHARP and the Government of Japan has enabled the removal and destruction of over 5,000 landmines,” SHARP Programme ManagerLt Col (Retd) V.S.M. Sarath Jayawardhana said.

    Belinda Hause, Programme Manager of SKAVITA, said more than 89,000 mines have been removed from a 3.6 milllion square metre land area in the North, using assistance from Japan.

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