December 13, 2019
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    Apply for election identity cards if you have no valid identity documents

    October 20, 2019

    With an estimated 300,000 people failing to declare their National Identity Card number in the electoral register form, the National Election Commission will issue special identity cards for the upcoming elections. Those without valid identification could obtain the identity card before November 9.Registration of Persons Commissioner General Viyani Gunatillake said an estimated two percent of the registered voters had not filled in their NIC numbers. At the November 16 presidential election, 15.9 million voters are eligible to vote.

    Mr Gunatillake explained that though some two percent had not declared the NIC numbers, there was a possibility that some of them might be having some other form of valid identity document such as passports, driving licences or the ID cards issued for the elderly people. He said instructions had been given to Grama Niladharis to provide assistance to issue the Special Identity card through the NEC.
    Voters not in possession of any valid identity document could apply for the temporary Identity Card from their area Grama Niladharis or estate superintendents by filling out the required application forms.These forms should be duly filled and handed over along with two copies of colour/black and white photographs of sizes 2.5cm x 3cm, to their Grama Niladharis on or before November 9.
    The temporary ID cards will be issued by the district election office and once the vote has been cast, the Identity Cards have to be handed over to the officials attached to the polling Centre. In the absence of the NIC, voters could produce valid passports, valid driving licences, Pensioners Identity Cards, Elders Identity Cards or Clergy Identity Cards to cast their votes.


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