December 15, 2019
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    8 identification document can use at the polling station

    October 31, 2019

    Since compulsory for all voters to bring one of the identification documents when they go to their respective polling stations to cast the vote at the Presidential Election to be produced to the polling staff for inspection the Election Commission have identified eight identification documents.

    According the EC media release identification documents are as follows.
    1. National Identity card issued by the Department of Registration of Person
    2. Valid passport
    3. Valid Driving License
    4. Government Pensioners Identity card (Issued by the Department of Pensions)
    5. Elders Identity Card (Issued by the Divisional Secretariat)
    6. Bikkhu/Priest Identity Card issued by the Department of Registration of Persons
    7. Temporary Identity Card issued by the Election Commission
    8. Special Permit with the photograph issued by the Department of Registration of Persons

    Meanwhile In the electoral registers placed at the polling stations the names of those electors who have gone abroad have been marked on the particulars obtained from Grama Niladhari. Such action has been taken in order to facilitate the polling staff to verify the identity of any such elector who comes to the polling station and demands a ballot.

    The Mahinda Dheshapriya says the polling cards of electors who have gone abroad have been posted to the addresses of their normal residence mentioned in the electoral register 2018. The commission has received complaints regarding bogus identity cards are being made to rig the votes of those elector who have gone abroad and have not yet returned to the island.
    It says the electors who have returned from abroad are kindly advised to bring their passport in additional to the National Identity card to establish their identity with a view to preventing vote rigging.
    Any such elector who fails to produce the passport even though he/she produces any other valid identity document will have to make a declaration on the specimen as required by the Presidential Election Act.
    A ballot will not be issued to the elector who declines to make such declaration. Also, it is hereby notified that action will be taken to handover any such elector whose identity is suspicious to the police treating him as attempting to commit vote rigging.



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