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SLT embarks on an initiative to recognise special talents of their staff

February 12, 2014

Human Resources are a vital aspect and one of the most important assets of any business organisation. Having identified this, SLT has embarked on launching special projects to recognise, improve and develop their human resources in every possible way. The Company believes in connecting its employees and the society in a wholesome manner for all three parties to benefit.

Mr. Kumara Kamburupitiya has been employed at SLT for nearly 20 years. He is very passionate about writing novels, short stories and poems in the Sinhala language. He has already authored a total of nine books including four poetry books, three short stories, a novel and a book based on social research. He recently launched a triad of new books entitled ‘Kalu Kumaraya’ (short story), ‘Vishramikayage Sangramaya’ (War of a retired poet) and including his first novel, ‘Oraparaya’.

SLT encourages employees to develop their skills by various means and supports them to successfully deploy unique projects such as these to contribute to the community and help disseminate positive ideas amongst society. The company strongly believes that this assists in developing creativity, and project management and team building skills among the members of the staff as well.

“Although it was a very difficult task, especially to concentrate on a project in the midst of everything including my office work and personal life as well, I feel that it was a very satisfying and productive experience for me especially when I remember that through this, I have shared my life experiences with society. Also being an employees of Sri Lanka Telecom, I would like to say a special word of thanks to Mr Lalith De Silva, the Group Chief Executive Officer and the management for creating an encouraging and enabling environment for people like us”, Kumara Kamburupitiya, the author commented.