November 28, 2022
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    Valid ID’s compulsory for presidential election

    November 02, 2019

    The Elections commission issuing a communique notes that it is compulsory for all electors to bring documents of identification to the polling stations. The communique states that Electors must bring one of the following identification documents when they go to their respective polling stations to vote for the presidential election.

    The identification documents that will be accepted are,

    The National Identity card
    A Valid Passport
    Valid Driving license
    Government pensioners’ identity card (issued by the department of pensions)
    Elders’ identity card (issued by the divisional secretariat)
    Bikku/priest identity card (Issued by the department of registration of Persons)
    Temporary Identity card (issued by the elections commission)
    Special Permit with the photograph issued by the Department of Registration of persons

    Electors who have returned from abroad have been advised to bring their passport in addition to their national identity cards.



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