August 09, 2020
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    No country can interfere with Our sovereignty - Cardinal Featured

    November 11, 2019

    No other country can interfere with Sri Lanka's sovereignty which bears a history of 2500 years embodying humanism and culture, Colombo Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said yesterday. He was addressing the 27 the Agonshu Scholarship Awarding ceremony at the BMICH.The Cardinal said that any country that attempts to provide a helping hand has several other intentions underneath. “We are a country engrossed with every resource.No other country needs to teach where we need to be headed.We know our way," he said.He also commended the scholarships given by the Agonshu Foundation which has helped over 1500 students to study successfully.

    “It is unfortunate that the people of our country which is so rich and culturally and in physical resources are suffering from poverty.Though free education gave a satisfactory answer to this problem, an unhealthy competition in the educational sector has prevented reaping the benefits. Education has become a burden to parents who are economically not well off. The scholarship programme of the Sri Lanka Agonshu Friendship Foundation (SLAFF) offers valuable assistance to such parents” he said.“The friendship between Japan and Sri Lanka is centuries old based on common spiritual heritage that goes beyond diplomatic relations. The friendship between Japan and Sri Lanka based on Buddhism has strengthened later through political ties,” he added.

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