January 28, 2020
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    Navy relief teams deployed to areas affected by adverse weather

    December 08, 2019

    Sri Lanka Navy has deployed a number of relief teams to many areas in the country affected by the adverse weather conditions.As a first responder of all natural disasters affected by the country, the Navy has deployed a number of rescue and relief teams to many identified locations, the Navy said.

    The teams took immediate actions on the past two days to clear debris clogged under Agaliya, Dodangoda and Wakwella Bridge over the Gin Ganga; which pose a flood threat to the residents of the areas. Naval Divers and Navy Marines consisted of the teams that sprang into action for the high risk tasks.

    Further, relief teams consisting of Rapid Response Rescue Relief Unit (4RU) personnel and many other naval personnel, are currently rendering assistance and aid to the residents of Kahatagasliyadda area who have been displaced due to the overflowing of Yan Oya.


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