April 09, 2020
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    Swiss Embassy staffer records statement with CID

    December 09, 2019

    The Swiss Embassy staffer who was allegedly involved in an abduction case has recorded a statement with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) yesterday (08).The relevant local staff member of the Embassy arrived at the CID on several vehicles bearing DPL (Diplomatic) signs at 5 pm last evening. It was observed that an individual with their face covered was escorted into the CID premises while another female in a van entering the premises through another entrance of the CID.

    It is reported that the relevant staffer has been directed to the Chief Judicial Medical Officer of Colombo for a medical report as well. This was against the backdrop of a directive by the Colombo Chief Magistrate to ban the alleged victim from leaving the country until the 9th of December before recording a statement with the CID.
    The Foreign Ministry declared that the investigations on the incident have found that the timeline of the alleged incident, as presented by the Swiss Mission on behalf of the staffer, did not correspond with the actual movements of the victim on that date according to witness interviews and technical evidence.
    Accordingly, the CID sought a court order preventing her from leaving the country prior to recording a statement with the CID.However, the Swiss government requested permission to fly the alleged victim and her family to Switzerland on an ambulance aircraft, citing health issues.

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