January 26, 2020
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    Minister orders to clean up Sugathadasa Stadium

    December 11, 2019

    The Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Affairs Dullas Alahapperuma inspected the Sugathadasa Stadium sports complex last Monday morning after it was revealed that the appalling conditions at the Sugathadasa Hotel was the reason that the athletes who participated in the South Asian Games in Nepal fell ill.Thirteen athletes who have travelled to Nepal to participate in the South Asian Games, have contracted dengue fever and seven others had fever.

    Investigations have revealed that mosquito larvae were discovered at the Sugathadasa Hotel, where the athletes were temporarily lodged before their departure for the games during their preparation period . During an inspection on Monday , the team of Colombo Municipal Council medical officers and the medical officers of Health Ministry have confirmed that the Sugathadasa Hotel and the Stadium premises are dirty and unhygienic with trash strewn and mosquito larvae are abundantly present in the premises.

    Inspecting the premises, the Minister said the facility is in such an appalling condition due to negligence and mismanagement as the sports complex was under five chairmen, three managing directors and four ministers, who were taking conflicting decisions, in the last five years.The Minister said he is going to bring to the notice of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa the sorry state of affairs of the stadium and request him to appoint a new chairman immediately. The Minister said the Sports Ministry will take immediate steps with the assistance of the Colombo Municipal Council to clean up the canal, which runs through the premises polluted with trash and plastic waste, and the environment completely.

    “After a long time, our children who participated in the South Asian Games have been able to win 40 gold medals. Among them there were athletes who fell ill, yet participated in the events, and also who were too ill and mentally let down. As the Sports Minister of this country, I am saddened and sincerely apologize to the children, who endeavour to bring glory to the country through sports, for the unpleasant experience they endured,” Minister Alahapperuma said. The Minister also said President and Prime Minister are very keen to meet the medal winners of the South Asian Games as well as Carrom players who were the runners up at the recently concluded International Carrom tournament in India.


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