June 30, 2022
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    "Green and Blue Drive"-Navy's effort in conserving the beach eco system

    December 15, 2019

    Another worthy effort of safeguarding beaches around the island was conducted at Western and Southern beach areas on14th December 2019, under the "Green and Blue Drive"(Neela Haritha Sangramaya), the innovative concept of the Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva.

    Sri Lanka Navy has launched several such programmes to protect the beautiful beach areas around the island and accordingly a cleaning campaign to clean Galle Face Green was conducted by the Navy today. The surrounded beach area of Galle Face Green was cleaned and made it a waste free environment.

    Further, Navy contributed in cleaning the beaches in Southern area. Habaraduwa beach line and surrounding beach area of Hambanthota town were also cleaned by the Navy. These beach areas which had been polluted by natural causes and human activities, were nicely cleaned by the Navy, turning the areas free of waste.

    Further, SL Navy frequently carries out cleaning campaigns to keep beach areas around the country as pollution free zones and it helps attracting both local and foreign tourists.


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