January 25, 2022
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    Record high dengue cases this year

    December 29, 2019



    Some 96,903 dengue cases and 90 clinically confirmed dengue deaths have been reported from all parts of the country this year. Last year, only 58 dengue deaths were reported, Epidemiology Unit sources said. According to the sources, over 90 clinically confirmed dengue deaths is an alarming rate as only 58 dengue deaths were reported during 2018. The public should be vigilant on mosquito breeding sites and destroy them on a regular basis. At least 30 minutes per week should be allocated to clean mosquito breeding sites. The Western Province recorded 42,636 dengue cases which is the highest in the country.

    With ongoing rainy condition, the Epidemiology Unit has identified five high risk districts: Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Ratnapura and Galle districts. The Colombo district recorded 19,567 dengue cases, the Gampaha district, 15,259 and the Kandy district, 8,465. The highest number of dengue patients 21,511 had been reported in November.
    Meanwhile, medical experts and Consultants advise pregnant mothers to get admitted to a hospital on the first day of fever. They said the public should seek medical treatment for any type of fever without delay and without applying home remedies. Patients need rest and they should not attend work or school, they said.

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