June 06, 2020
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    Guidelines for schoolchildren on Coronavirus prevention

    January 30, 2020

    The Secretary of Education Ministry N.H.M.Chithrananda said yesterday that ministry has issued a set of guidelines to protect schoolchildren from infection with the New Coronavirus outbreak. Adressing a media briefing held at the Auditorium of the Government Informatrion Department Secretary add that the Ministry had advised all Provincials, Zonal and all Divisional Education Directors and Principals of National Schools to ensure the safety of all schoolchildren .

    He further said that all safety measures including guidelines of how to deal with students who show symptoms, have been compiled with the assistance of health experts. All education officers can dial relevant officials via 011 278 4872 or 011 278 4163 and can obtain additional information.

    Accordingly, the students were advised to keep their hands clean by using soap & water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Cover the mouth and nose with tissue papers and handkerchiefs or sneeze into their elbow. Avoid catching someone else's cold or flu and avoiding germs that spread. Be sure to dispose of used tissue paper hygienically. Avoid touching the mouth, eyes and nose too often.But in this instance given the prevailing situation, there is no need to wear face masks regularly when healthy children attend school, the ministry added.


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