September 29, 2020
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    Prices of over 15,000 goods reduced - CAA

    February 08, 2020

    Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) Director General M.S.M.Fawzer stated that the government has reduced the prices of more than 15,000 varieties of goods in the market, giving benefits of tax concessions to the consumers.The Director General further said that around 80 companies have already informed the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) in writing about the price reduction of their products.
    “The prices of electrical items, jams, cordials, biscuits and chocolates, building construction equipment, soaps, baby items, soft drinks and several other items have been reduced by the government as a result of the tax concessions,” Director General Fawzer said.The Director General further pointed out that they will take necessary steps to inform the public about these price reductions through newspaper advertisements and the publishing of posters near retail the seller’s shops.

    The Director General also said they have already given instructions to the relevant companies and institutions to inform those concessions to the public.He further said that they will take legal action against any company failing to provide those tax concessions.



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