February 27, 2021
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    Students advised to uphold the honour of their schools by maintaining discipline during the ‘Big Match’ season

    March 02, 2020

    A meeting with all principals of schools participating in big matches, Old Boys Association representatives and student leaders was held at the Education Ministry on the directives  of the Education Minister to advise them on maintaining law and order and behaving in a disciplined manner on the roads during motor rallies organised in view of the big matches. 

    The school authorities were advised to instruct all students to uphold the honour and integrity of their respective schools during this season.

    The school authorities were notified that due to students and past pupils of certain schools behaving in an unruly manner on the streets during such parades, the rights of the general public in their transport activities has been hampered. They were told that such acts cannot be condoned and that it was regretful that such activities were observed over the past several days and the respective schools were advised to investigate such incidents and take appropriate action. Several students had also sustained injuries during such parades which is regretful, the Education Ministry noted.

    The DIG present at this meeting said that as such incidents had occurred during big match parades of leading schools in Colombo too which was unfortunate and advised the school authorities to ensure that such unfortunate incident does not recur and to take measures to foster good relations between schools and carry out their traditional big match activities without any hindrance to the general public and in a safe and orderly manner.

    The DIG also advised the school authorities to ensure that all present and past pupils participating in these big match parades do not harass students of girls schools and attempt to enter such schools forcibly, behave in a manner which brings disrepute to their schools by displaying obscene placards during parades, drive safely and obey road rules, refrain from using drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and other dangerous substance, refrain from ridiculing elderly, females and disabled persons on the streets, engage in hat collections during parades and other anti-social activities. He noted that it is the responsibility of the school authorities and student leaders to focus on such issues and ensure that such activities are not permitted. The DIG based his advice on his years of professional experience.

    The DIG also notified the school's authorities that the law would be enforced to the letter and no room would be left for unruly behaviour that would violate the rights of the general public due to the unruly behaviour of the student parades.

    Representing the Education Ministry Additional Secretary Hemantha Prematillake, National Schools Director Ranjith Chandrasekara, Health and Nutrition Director Renuka Peiris and Sports Education Director Daya Bandara participated in this meeting. The Police Department was represented by the Western Province DIG Deshabandu Tennakoon, Director of Traffic Control and Road Safety Director SSP M.A.K.A. Indika Hapugoda and several other senior officers.

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