March 02, 2021
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    The NCPA starts probing into alleged child abuse footage

    March 02, 2020

    The National Child Protection Authority issued a notice requesting the general public to send them any information pertaining to the controversial video footage depicting a 6 year old female child being sexually abused.

    “If there is any person who is aware of the female child who was harassed or aware of the incident itself, please inform such details to the nearest police station or to the NCPA or  to its hotline 1929.” the NCPA’s statement said.

    Meanwhile, social media and social activist groups, artists, academics and media personalities carried out several campaigns demanding the responsible authorities to bring the culprits related to the incident to justice. Accordingly, two organizations “Women for Right”, “New Wings” and several social activist groups carried out a silent protest before the  NCPA in Madiwela recently. Mrs. Universe titleholder Caroline Jury also participated in the protest.


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