February 05, 2023
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    Selected graduate candidates to undergo two month leadership training

    March 05, 2020

    The Ministry of Public Administration Ministry has issued the appointment letters for 45,585 selected graduates. The chosen candidates should report to the relevant Divisional Secretaries and obtain their letters and they would be directed to their respective Rural Service centers.

    The selected candidates would have to undergo one year’s training and the first selected batch of graduates would have to undergo a two month leadership training programme in selected areas.

    The second batch would commence their duties at their respective institutions and carry out a study on how to improve the services at their respective establishments and produce a report. Once the first batch has completed their leadership training they would also have to formulate a report based on what needs to be improved in their respective establishments. They second batch will then undergo their leadership training course. Thereafter, both groups would have to undergo professional training in their respective fields.
    By March 01st 2021, all these graduates would be made permanent at their respective positions. All chosen candidates are expected to open a bank account in close proximity to their work stations at either Bank of Ceylon, People’s Bank, National Savings Bank or the Rural Development Bank and the details should be handed over to the Divisional Secretary who will ensure that Rs. 20,000 per month is deposited into their accounts during the training period. As the government would allocate funds in the 2020 budget based on the recommendations made by the graduate trainees  with regard to what developments and improvements need to be done in their respective areas, the graduates are expected to obtain the views of the residents of the relevant areas too in formulating their report.  

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