June 07, 2023
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    Government declares a special three day holiday to minimize Covid-19 spreading

    March 17, 2020

    With the aim of minimizing the risk of the Covid-19 virus spreading, the government has declared a special public holiday for the next three days. The declared three-day holiday is also applicable to the private sector.

    Accordingly, the holiday will be in effect from tomorrow (17) until Thursday (19), the government announced.

    However, the government notified that this cannot be regarded as a public holiday.

    This special three-day holiday will be effective for departments, corporations and state institutions excluding health, food supply, transport, essential services, banking, District
    Secretariats and Divisional Secretariats.

    The government had requested the private sector to also grant the three-day holiday. The government declared Monday (16) a public holiday due to the rise in the number of
    Covid-19 patients over the weekend.

    A decision on extending the holiday is to be considered after monitoring the spread of the Covid-19 virus.



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