June 06, 2020
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    Follow proper procedures to avoid Coronavirus – Govt. appeals to the public

    March 23, 2020

    The government appealed to the people to follow the procedures introduced to safeguard against the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the country and to protect the lives of the people.

     If we are to triumph over this corona epidemic proper habits should be followed to prevent its spread. When travelling in public places such as offices, shops and public transport, it has been found that the most effective preventative measure is to maintain distance and also to follow the proper health practices stipulated by medical experts.

    In order to prevent the spread of the virus, the government has implemented several stringent measures over the past several days. The curfew that was enforced on Friday evening at 6.00 was scheduled to be lifted on Monday at 6.00 am. But, in some areas such as Colombo, Gampaha and Puttalam Districts and Mannar, Vavuniya, Mulaithicu, Killinochchi and Jaffna in the Northern Province the curfew now in force will be lifted only on Tuesday (24) at 6.00 am. The curfew in the rest of the country will be lifted at 6.00 am tomorrow and re-imposed at 2.00 pm the same day.

    When the curfew is lifted people are expected to come out in numbers to gather their essentials. However, the government advices all citizens to follow the advice issued by the government and the health authorities in order to avoid getting infected.
    While shopping for their essential items, people are adviced to keep their distance from each other and cover their faces when sneezing or coughing and also avoid close contact when travelling in public transport or trishaws. In obtaining fuel the public is adviced to follow the same rules. Only one member should venture out to purchase goods in order to minimise the number of people gathering to purchase goods. This also helps to maintain distance.

    The government assured that there are ample stocks of essential commodities and measures have been taken to distribute them around the country. Therefore, the government says that there is no need to stock supplies unnecessarily. The Corona Task Force advices the public to only purchase what is absolutely essential for use during the curfew which also helps in spending lesser time at shops. People are adviced to stay home and engage in activities confined to their own homes.

    The Coronavirus knows no boundaries, religion race, cast or creed and infects anyone in its path be it the rich or poor. Currently, 180 countries have been affected by the coronavirus, but countries that have identified the threat early and took precautions are handling the situation well. China, where the Coronavirus originated is a good example. However, due to poor planning and preparation, a wealthy nation like Italy was unable to control its spread.
     Meanwhile, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa took several measures on the advice of the WHO to safeguard the country from the Coronavirus. On January 26th the Corona Task Force was established making Sri Lanka the first country to do so.
    The President is coordinating with the members of the Task Force and the related institution heads on a daily basis and taking necessary decisions based on their discussions.

    Currently there are 17 quarantine centres established complete with all facilities. Further, the arrivals terminal has been closed and all passengers coming into the country has been stopped. Yet despite these measures, the government ensured that all essential services continue to function without any hindrance.

    However, there are some anti-social elements who are engaged in spreading false news and rumours for petty political gain. Some of them have already been identified and the government stated that strict  action would be taken against them.  

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