March 27, 2023
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    Curfew Notice

    March 27, 2020

    The public has been warned to follow the currently enforced curfew orders to the letter.

    The curfew has been imposed to curb the spread of a deadly Coronavirus in the country.

    For the purpose of providing the people with their grocery and medicinal requirements, the special task force has devised a mechanism to deliver such requirements to consumers' doorsteps.

     Therefore, the public should not get onto the streets as and when they want. Only delivery vehicles permitted by the task force are allowed on the streets. No other vehicle should be on the streets without a curfew permit.

     Further, travelling between districts has been completely banned, including the transportation of tourists from place to place. However, there will be no obstruction for farmers to engage in their agricultural activities, including tea estates and other crops. The fisheries sector has also been granted permission to engage in fishing during this period.

    All airport and ports services will function without hindrance.

    The Police and the Tri Forces have been ordered to enforce the curfew regulations strictly in order to prevent people loitering around, which poses the danger of the virus being spread.

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