November 29, 2022
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    Stern action against curfew violators – DIG Ajith Rohana

    March 29, 2020

    During the curfew period all shops, supermarkets, and other establishments are to remain closed and under no circumstance will these establishments be allowed to open. In the event any of these establishments are found to be open, legal action would be taken against them, said DIG Ajith Rohana.

    He noted that the IGP has instructed all police stations regarding this decision as to the public’s unruly behavior and non-compliance with the curfew regulations, there is a high risk of the infection spreading.

    During the curfew, 4200 persons had been arrested for violating curfew laws and 1100 vehicles had been seized. The relief granted to the people had been misused and while the government had allowed pharmacies to remain open, but some people had misused this privilege jeopardizing the efforts taken by the government to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. Therefore, the decision was taken to enforce the curfew strictly without any leniency, DIG Ajith Rohana noted. .

    He stated that only those engaged in essential services would be allowed on the streets during the curfew and no one else would be allowed to travel during the curfew or congregate. In the event this regulation is violated by anyone, they would be arrested by the police.

    The DIG also noted that despite all tour guides being notified to register with the police and conform to self-quarantine procedures, it has been observed that they have so far not complied with this request.
    He noted that all those working in massage centers and tour guides should register themselves with the nearest police station and engage in a self-quarantine process.


    He also noted that many are reluctant to disclose that they have the symptoms but urged the public that if they display any of the symptoms of the Coronavirus, they should immediately contact 119 or notify the nearest police station and they would assist them in obtaining the required help.

    The DIG said that it had been observed that while some spread the virus due to ignorance but there are some who intentionally spread the virus.


    According to the DIG, anyone who had close contact with any person from overseas, or if he/she has arrived in the country from overseas or if any person shows symptoms of the Coronavirus, they should not hide it and should notify the authorities. Anyone found to be hiding the above matters would be death with strictly according to the law.


    Accordingly, he noted that three investigations have been commenced regarding three Covid-19 positive patients who were found yesterday. They are said to have hidden their illness and had not followed the quarantine procedures and knowing they had the virus they had entered hospitals by lying about their illness.


    The DIG requested the public not to panic or have fear, adding that currently there are around 26,000 who are in self-quarantine, while another group have completed their quarantine process.


    He noted that around 20,000 persons had engaged in the self-quarantine process and praised their willingness to comply with the regulations.


    The DIG also noted that those arrested for violating curfew orders would be produced in court and punished. He requested the public not to engage in various forms of betting games and avoid travelling in three wheelers and other forms of travel without a proper reason. He warned that those engaged in gambling could face stiff penalties including the confiscation of their movable and immovable properties.

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