November 29, 2022
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    DIG Ajith Rohana appeals to public to act responsibly

    April 25, 2020

    Other than the curfew now in force in the Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara and Puttalam Districts the curfew enforced at 8.00 pm on Friday (24) in all other districts will be in force until 5.00 am on Monday (27), DIG Ajith Rohana said during the Covid Task Force media briefing yestarday (24).

    Accordingly, the curfew in all these districts will not be lifted during the weekend. In the Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara and Puttalam Districts no one will be allowed to leave or enter these districts.

    He appealed to the public to do their duty and avoid unnecessary travel and maintain distance during the periods the curfew is lifted. “In some areas the curfew has already been lifted and other areas the curfew is still in force. However, the SLTB and other private bus owners and drivers and conductors should adhere to the regulations and not carry over 50 percent of passengers. In the passengers are rushing into their busses and they feel it is over half their capacity, they should refuse to board them and make them take the next bus. This is your responsibility to society. Further, employers should also make note to only get the employees whose services are vital at the offices to attend office while wherever possible employees could work from home. In every instance the Police, PHI and health authorities visit your offices or factories, I urge the authorities of these offices to cooperate with them and adhere to their instructions,” he said.

    He said that the police has received information regarding certain unscrupulous elements getting ready to engage in illegal liquor sales and the police will be on full alert to arrest such persons.

    However, the conditions put in place for the farmers and those engaged in agricultural activities remain the same. The DIG noted that it is up to the people to determine if they would follow the proper health advice and overcome the danger of the Coronavirus threat or go back to a full blown threat of the Coronavirus spreading. Hence, he urged the public to act responsibly and assist the authorities to overcome the Coronavirus threat.


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