June 07, 2023
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    Permission to go out for essential requirements based on last digit of ID card

    April 26, 2020

    People will be allowed to go outside to make  essential purchases and to attend to vital activities based on the last digit of their National Identity Card (NIC) numbers, the President's Media Division said.


    Accordingly, those  who possess NICs ending with the numbers one (1) or two (2) could go out to attend to their essential requirements on Mondays.

    People with NIC numbers ending with three and four will be  allowed to go out on Tuesdays, those with NIC numbers ending with five and six on Wednesdays, those with NIC numbers ending with seven and eight on Thursdays while those with NIC numbers ending with nine and zero would be allowed to go out on Fridays.

    People are strictly advised to follow health instructions including maintenance of physical distance in public, wearing of face masks, use of hand sanitizer and washing of hands regularly.

    The PMD said the police and the armed forces personnel would keep track of people who violate health instructions and regulations.

    Travelling between districts is limited for only essential services and travel to work. All schools, universities, tuition classes and other educational institutions and cinemas would be closed until further notice.
    In the event any area or village in a district where curfew has been lifted is identified as a high risk zone, there is possibility that curfew would be imposed in those areas.

    In the event an area is demarcated as an isolated area, no one will be allowed to enter or leave these areas. All kinds of functions, pilgrimages, trips, meetings etc have been banned until further notice and religious leaders are requested to ban observances and events at places of worship as this could lead to the spread of the virus.
    The government has taken steps to further strengthen the essential services introduced at the beginning of the pandemic in order to ensure the smooth functioning of public life.
    The government states that this virus needs to be controlled in order to commence the rebuilding of the economy and bring public life back to normalcy. Therefore, they urge the public to understand the dangers of this pandemic and stay at home and follow the recommended health practices. This is the only way that the public could assist the government in their efforts to eradicate the Coronavirus from the country. The government therefore, urged the public to bear with the inconveniences for the sake of their families and their children, adding that the authorities will be forced to take stern action against anyone who fails to comply with these regulations.

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